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Beyond The River

Global music Festival, Helsinki  12/12/2019

This concert will take you on a journey Beyond the river of discovery through ancient Yemeni Jewish music to Morocco, Andalusia, American jazz, Israel, Africa rhythms, and beyond. 

Beyond the river is Michal’s final master concert as an outcome of her field trips in Morocco, Turkey, Israel and Zanzibar. During her travels, Michal collaborated with local musicians, resulting in the new music which will be performed in this concert. Michal creates new music through the medium of ethnic jazz and original arrangements of traditional material and her vocals may be described as ‘jazz dipped in Eastern promise.’ Her music is inspired by nature, people and cultures.

Beyond the River concert is produced together with 15 outstanding musicians based in Helsinki, Finland. 

These musicians bring their musical origins and background with them from Finland, Iran, China, Mexico, Israel, Iraq, Catalonia and more. The outcome is a new sound and new colour of music.  

Together with the visual artist Tomasz Sekular they will take you on a journey beyond the river.


Michal Hoter (IS)- voice

Timo Alakotila (Fin)- piano

Ali Haithem  (Iraq)- oud

Hector Lepe (Mexico)- guitar

Viola Uotila (Fin) - kantale, harp, cello

Lotta Pitkänen (Fin)- violin

Iris Tarnanen (Fin)- cello

Ahoora Mahone (Iran) - percussion

 Roser Gabriel (Catalonia)- accordion

Ilmari Rönkä (Fin)- soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, flute

Ilkka Arola (Fin)- trumpet

Annika Lyytikäinen (Fin)- clarinet

Jaakko Arola (Fin)- tenor saxophone, bass clarinet, flute

 Repkat Parhat (China)- electronic and sounds

Oskari Armas Siirtola (Fin) -bass

Christopher Rodulfo (Aruba)-drums

tomasz sekular (Fin)- Visual art

 Mikko Ingmar- Sound engineering recording

Shlomi Gvili, Ogen Studio- Sound Mix and Master




1. Ayelet Hen.

Intro: Mohamed Abdual Whaab.  Lyrics: Rabbi Shalom Shabazi

Arrangement: Michal Hoter.

Traditional Jewish Yemenite song


2. Beyond The River

Composition, lyrics and arrangement: Michal Hoter

New samai 10/8 arabic classical composition, There is something special beyond the river, beyond the river my soul will be free, and at the end of the song we discover a new land beyond the river, a land of milk and honey.


3. Binti Hijaz.

Composition, lyrics and arrangement: Michal Hoter

Binti in Arabic mean my daughter, the lyrics are about a mother/father telling their daughter that she has power and it's her choice how to use it in her life. to love, to grow, to be happy.

4. Recycle.

Composition, lyrics and arrangement: Michal Hoter

I was thinking how can I show in my music the topic I recycled my own melody while composing. and tried to listen to the voice, of nature our planet's voice that is hidden within each of us.




5. Black Dress

composition : Amara abdessamad. 

lyrics and arrangement- Michal Hoter

While I was in Morocco I met Amara,  an Andalusia composer who composed a song from my lyrics after I translated them for him. You can hear the meaning of the lyrics within his composition. "Once upon a time there were a beautiful women in a black dress she didn't understand what happened, the skies opened and tears fell, once upon a time there were a little girl who hid inside a women in a Black dress".

6. Ndege.

Composition, lyrics and arrangement: Michal Hoter

"Ndege" mean a bird in Swahili.  I composed this song inspired by the powerful  independent women I met in Zanzibar. They devote  their lives to music.. The song commences with a strong connection to mother earth, with Zanzibar and Gnawa rhythms, and slowly the music flies as the lyrics "you are a bird spread your wings and fly to the sky" 

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