Beyond the River Project


A journey through ancient Yemeni Jewish music to Morocco, Andalusia, American jazz, Israeli, Africa rhythms, and beyond.  Beyond the river is Michal’s new music through the medium of ethnic jazz and original arrangements of traditional material, Her music is inspired by nature, people and cultures. together on stage with 14 outstanding musicians based in Helsinki, Finland the outcome is a new sound and colour of music.

Michal Hoter (IS)- voice

Timo Alakotila (Fin)- piano

Ali Haithem  (Iraq)- oud

Hector Lepe (Mexico)- guitar

Viola Uotila (Fin) - kantale, harp, cello

Lotta Pitkänen (Fin)- violin

Iris Tarnanen (Fin)- cello

Roser Gabriel (Catalonia)- accordion

Ahoora Mahone (Iran) - percussion

Ilmari Rönkä (Fin)- soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, flute

Ilkka Arola (Fin)- trumpet

Annika Lyytikäinen (Fin)- clarinet

Jaakko Arola (Fin)- tenor saxophone, bass clarinet, flute

Oskari Armas Siirtola (Fin) -bass

Christopher Rodulfo (Aruba)-drums

tomasz sekular (Fin)- Visual art


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Alaa Zouiten & Michal Hoter

Jazz Ethnic music, with original compositions and New arrangements for classical arabic music from Israel and Morocco



                              Khadija/ composition -Alaa Zouiten

                                                lyricsMichal Hoter 

Andrea Ciaccio & Michal 

Jazz drummer Andrea Ciaccio from Pescara Italy

with Michal Hoter on vocal from Israel. performing their project of new jazz compositions with world music influences.


 Three in a Garge/ composition -Andrea Ciaccio

                                      lyricsMichal Hoter 

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