Michal was born and raised in the north of Israel in a small and green village in very musical family. As far back as she can remember she has always had a strong passion for music and composing. She studied classical music and opera with private teachers during junior high and high school.

At the early age of 17 she was certain that music was her destiny and despite her young age, moved to Tel Aviv to study music at the renowned Rimon School of Jazz.

Michal graduated Rimon and received her diploma in jazz singing and arranging as well as countless praises from her teachers which included some of Israel's most talented musicians. She was  then awarded a special scholarship from New Park Music College in Dublin where she graduated in 2014 with an honours degree in jazz performance.

Michal studies Arabic composition with the mastero Yair Dalal and is working on world music projects with different musicians from around the world.

Today Michal is studying towards a masters degree in world music at Sibeluis Academy in Helsinki Finland.


Michal has recorded 2 independent CDs in Israel (2004 and 2010) dedicated to Jewish music, which without any official label or PR gained many fans and sold over 10,000 copies.click here for  listenning on iTunes.   

 She has written music for a short film made by students of Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design (2011), worked as a voice trainer and works with students, actors, and singers, composed a musical that was performed in 2012, composed music for the Bet Zvi School of the Performing Arts in Tel Aviv (2012). 


Gaining experience on stage and an ongrowing audience, Michal was invited to perform with her jazz trio in Minnesota (2013)  , in Dublin and Northern Ireland, Oklahoma at the International Jazz Festival 2017, and music festivals in Israel.

Her debut jazz album  "Earth Colour" was recorded in Dublin with musicians from around the world and released in 2016. The album combines original compositions and personal interpetations to Jazz standards fusing Jazz and world music sounds.

Michal and her band are currently touring the world with the new album , 







photo by Devi Anna
Mua & hair Walmes Rangel

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