up & coming concerts:

Beyond The River Concert


Feel Helsinki Online Festival

"Beyond the River"  concert recording will be online for the first time in the Feel Helsinki Festival. You can also see visual artist Tomasz Sekular doing live visual art on top of the recording. 

9/5/2020 16:00 click here for the link 

Nefes featuring Michal


Kampin kappeli, Helsinki

Nefes plays sufi music for remembering Mevlana the founder of whirling dervishes.

In this concert Nefes featuring Michal Hoter.

concert will start at 16:30  for more info click here

Beyond the River


Glomas Music Festival, Helsinki, Finalnd

Beyond the river is Michal’s final master concert as an outcome of her field trips in Morocco, Turkey, Israel and Zanzibar. During her travels, Michal collaborated with local musicians, resulting in the new music which will be performed in this concert.

concert will start at 20:00  for more info click here

Michal's lecture concert at the IJVC


Helsinki, Finalnd

Michal's Lecture concert at the International Jazz Vocal Conference: Vocal improvisation drawing on the worlds of Jazz and Arabic Makam.

for more info- 


Crazy Monday in Jazz feat Ariel & Juana, Michal Hoter + Matona.


Red Monkey , jambiani Tanzania

Crazy Monday in Jazz feat. Ariel & Juana, Michal Hoter + Matona

for more info-


Tarajazz feat Michal Hoter


emerson, stown town Zanzibar

Tarajazz ensemble hosting Michal Hoter, 

TaraJazz is a music band rooted in Stone Town Zanzibar, aiming to produce, explore, respond and to share new sounds and forms which defines music of Taarab and Jazz outlining cultural agreements in sounds.

The Multivalent Voice in Transcultural Music-making


Turky Istanbul

solo concert by Michal and a lecture when Jazz meet Maqam.

Andrea Ciaccio Qatrtet hosting Michal Hoter


Italy Pescara

collaboration with the Italin Jazz drummer Andrea Ciaccio , will be jazz Originals and more swing:) 

Alaa Zouiten Quartett feat. Michal Hoter - Moroccan-Israeli Jazz


Berlin pin Badenscher Hof - JazzClub

Alaa Zouiten, Oud player, fusion musician and composer from Morocco collaborating with  Michal Hoter, jazz ethnic singer and composer from Israel. sharing music, rhythms and languages 
for more information- click here

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Concerts, Gigs, Voice & Music classes


Michal's performs jazz  Ethnic music with various of ensemble and projects. 

as well of  performances and concerts Michal gives classes in voice training for all ages- concentrating on the main areas-

1-how to use your voice correctly

(warming up and understanding the right way of singing without harming the voice muscles)

2-how to play with your voice

(to know and control the colors and contours of your voice, scat and improvisation training)

3- ear training to different scales and shapes

4- sound painting , improvising new music together by giving signs.   

the classes are given privately or in small groups.

Michal's  gives lectures and workshops of jazz and maqam singing and improvising. 

for more information you are welcome to contact - click here 







photo by Ayal Tal